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Udaipur Food Tour offers the most fun and delicious way to explore the royal city of Lakes. We offer custom tours of the city which include multiple activities like food walks, sightseeing, cooking demos, horse safaris and much more. The sightseeing part includes a number of famous as well offbeat attractions like boat rides in Pichola lake, Udaipur palace, museum and some others depending upon time available and weather. The food included in food tour includes the best food available from the best and oldest food joints of Udaipur which have been in business for generations. Cooking demos last for 4 hours for short ones to up to 8 hours for longer cooking classes which are led by qualified chefs.


A guest can eat only a limited quantity of food in a given amount of time. So we try to make them sample as much as food as possible by including breaks in form of sightseeing during the tour. Not only it increases the amount of food included in each food tour, it also makes it more enjoyable and informative. Some of the attractions of Udaipur which can be included in tours are as following:

  • Boat rides in Lake Pichola or Fateh Sagar Lake.
  • Monsoon Palace (Sunset point).
  • Udaipur city palace and museum.
  • Udaipur Bazar
  • Bagore ki haveli
  • Car museum
  • Horse safari

Each tour includes 3-4 attractions mentioned above and no two tours are identical. The guests can pick and choose the attractions they want to visit too. In addition to the places mentioned above, the tour can also include some nearby attractions like Ranakpur temples, Chittorgarh and a few others. Some of the attractions mentioned are far away and if the guests want to visit them, they have to inform us in advance. In that case, cost of the tour may vary accordingly.

Food Tours

Delicious Way To Explore Udaipur

Food Tours in Udaipur are the best way of exploring this royal city and it’s delicious cuisine. Each food tour is an optimal combination of the most popular food available in Udaipur and the most famous as well as hidden sights of the city which most people usually miss. The food walks/food tours can begin in morning or afternoon depending upon conditions like preferences of guests, weather etc and usually last for 6-7 hours inclusive of pickup and drop from most locations in Udaipur. Normal time of starting the food tours are:

Morning – 7:30 am Evening – : 4:00 pm

Morning – 8:30 am Evening – : 1:00pm

Part of the food tour involves walk in old traditional markets of Udaipur to visit some essential food joints while we drive to some places which are too far away. All the expenses inclusive of cost of food, transport and entry fee for monuments is included in the price charged, so the guests don’t have to pay anything extra.
A large number of varied dishes with their origins in Mewar region of Rajasthan and neighbouring state of Gujarat are included in tour. Each dish is sourced from the most famous and most reputed food joints operating in Udaipur for decades and in some instances, multiple generations.

Some examples of the delectable food included in the food tours are Mirchi Vada, different types of Kachauris with different stuffings, Onion Samosas, Daal Baati Choorma the signature dish of Rajasthan and many others from places like Jagdish Mishthan Bhandar, Paliwal and many others. All of this is a mixture of some great street food as well as food from air-conditioned places where you can sit in relative peace and quiet to enjoy the flavours. Meat is a part of traditional Rajasthani cuisine and is represented by the iconic Laal Maans, a type of mutton curry. But Mewari cuisine of Udaipur is rather famous for it’s vegetarian food which consists of kachauris, vadas etc. mentioned earlier.
Custom food walks and sightseeing tours are also available on request.

Cooking Demos

Learn Cooking in Udaipur

For more serious foodies, cooking classes or demos are the next step in their culinary journeys. Udaipur Food Tour offers custom cooking demos and classes which are led by qualified chefs. Each class has limited amount of seats and small group sizes are preferred.
The chefs teach their students the proper way to use ingredients and spices in Indian cooking, so that the guests can prepare the authentic Indian food almost anywhere with minimum ingredients and effort.

Prior experience of cooking is not required, but is highly desirable. The guests can learn to make anything from simple Daal (lentils) to specialised delicacies like Laal Maas and much more. Duration of these cooking classes vary from a short cooking demo of 4 hours for people short on time toy and 7-8 hours for full day class. Prices for these start from INR 6000 (US $ 100) for a single student to INR 4500 (US $ 75) for each extra student. If needed, pickup and drop is provided from certain areas in Udaipur, but may be chargeable according to distance.


  • Big thanks to the Udaipur Food team for being so helpful and arranging our tour on such a short notice. We loved it.

    Will Reiner
  • Thank you for being such excellent hosts. I’ll remember your hospitality for years to come.

    Madeline Dalton
  • The best city in India for a relaxing vacation. The palaces, food and boat rides were awesome.

  • Big thanks to the Udaipur Food team for being so helpful and arranging our tour on such a short notice. We loved it.

    Will Reiner
  • Thank you for being such excellent hosts. I’ll remember your hospitality for years to come.

    Madeline Dalton
  • The best city in India for a relaxing vacation. The palaces, food and boat rides were awesome.


India Tours

Food Tours Of India

Our Food Tours of India are the best tour packages to explore numerous Indian cuisines, architecture, sights, enjoyable activities, culture, people and much more in a compact yet fun travel package. The culinary activities include award winning and much acclaimed food walks, cooking demos, kitchen tours, spice classes and more in addition to usual sightseeing of major landmarks as well as some offbeat places. Some more flavours are added to these tours by addition of fun things to do like camel safaris in desert, horse riding, playtime with elephants, bazaar tours and various others depending upon location and season,

These tour packages are arranged on demand  all through the year  and cover different places in different seasons. Customisations and special requests can be accommodated. Some important features of these tours are mentioned below. Please note that the places and activities mentioned are dependent on preferences of the guests.

  • CITIES COVERED: New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Chittorgarh, Jaisalmer, Ranthambore, Rishikesh, Varanasi, Bikaner (Rajasthan), Alleppey, Cochin, Kerala
  • DURATION: 5 days to 12 days.
  • ACCOMMODATION:4-5 star hotels, heritage properties.
  • TRANSPORT: By road in comfortable air-conditioned vehicles. Train or plane in some places.
  • CULINARY ACTIVITIES: Food tours, interactive cooking demonstrations, tea tasting, spice and masala introduction, kitchen tours.
  • OTHER ACTIVITIES: Camel rides, horse riding, desert safari, camping in desert, visits to old villages, playing with elephants.
  • FOOD: Meals from best restaurants and specialised street food joints. All meals during the tour are included, including one welcome dinner with chef before start of tour.
  • COST: Starts from INR 75000, US$ 1130 per passenger on twin sharing basis.
  • CONTACT: info@udaipurfoodtour.com.

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Food Tour Facilities:

We believe in providing the best value for money at the lowest possible cost to all our guests and offer the best experience in every way possible. Although Udaipur is not a big city, a vehicle for transport make sit much easier to travel from one place to another during the tour.  Some features of our food tours are:

  • Transport including pickup and drop in air-conditioned vehicles.
  • All that you can eat food.
  • Choice of private or group tours.
  • Choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
  • Qualified food guide to help you explore the cuisine.
  • All food joints included among the oldest and best of Udaipur.
  • Sanitizer, wet wipes etc provided during each tour.


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Price for the food tours begin from INR 6000 per guest which includes almost all the expenses and taxes. In order to get more information or book a food tour in Udaipur with us, email us on info @ UdaipurFoodTour.com or fill up the following contact form. We usually reply within 24 hours. If you don’t get a reply within this period, please email us again or call +919810645418

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