A guest can eat only a limited quantity of food in a given amount of time. So we try to make them sample as much as food as possible by including breaks in form of sightseeing during the tour. Not only it increases the amount of food included in each food tour, it also makes it more enjoyable and informative. Some of the attractions of Udaipur which can be included in tours are as following:

  • Boat rides in Lake Pichola or Fateh Sagar Lake.
  • Monsoon Palace (Sunset point).
  • Udaipur city palace and museum.
  • Udaipur Bazar
  • Bagore ki haveli
  • Car museum
  • Horse safari

Each tour includes 3-4 attractions mentioned above and no two tours are identical. The guests can pick and choose the attractions they want to visit too. In addition to the places mentioned above, the tour can also include some nearby attractions like Ranakpur temples, Chittorgarh and a few others. Some of the attractions mentioned are far away and if the guests want to visit them, they have to inform us in advance. In that case, cost of the tour may vary accordingly.

Udaipur Food Tour

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